International, national and local entertainers!

We’re a Derby based dance group established in 1974 where we have entertained and performed in a wide variety of events and functions locally, nationally and internationally.

We perform many Ukrainian dances from the high energy acrobatic cossack moves to the delicate and sophisticated ladies routines. We love performing at competitions, public events and weddings and parties and we are proud to have dancers as young as 5 years taking to the stage!

Our Dancers

Younger Girls

Molly Dziunka, Evelyn Dziunka, Katie Kirk, Michaela Hanson, Mia Wintonuik.

Younger Boys

Danylo Perehenic, Charlie Werbowy, Igor Miroshnichenko, George Penn-Morris,

Older Girls

Ivanka Dobrowolska, Katherine Borys, Eva Finiw, Tanya Moroz-Wilson, Zoryana Perehinec, D’maya Natalia Dale-Sandar, Sophia Szczomak.

Older Boys

Ivan Furgala, Andrij Kupranec, Stefan Kupranec, Symon Kupranec, Stefan Schumskij, Andrei Stasiw, Petrus Stasiw, Vlodko Surma, Julian Surma.

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