Hoverla Performs during HMD week in Derby

Hoverla performed during Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) week of events on Friday 1 February at the Multi Faith Centre (MFC) on the University of Derby Campus.

It was ‘An evening of Ukrainian music, song and dance’ presented by Hoverla and Derby’s Ukrainian Community, to commemorate the Holodomor and to mark its formal recognition by Derby City Council as an act of Genocide committed against the Ukrainian people and nation.

The evening was opened with welcome words from Graham Falgate, Chair of  the HMD Planning Group in Derby. He then passed over to Iryna Dobrowolskyj who introduced/narrated all the concert items.

The evening commenced with the Hoverla musicians performing “Verchovyna” – The Highlander’s Song form the Carpathian Mountain Region.

Iryna then explained to the audience that we Ukrainians were still in Christmas season explaining why we follow a different calendar and requested all the artists & parents to come to the front and sing two Ukrainian carols : “Boh Predvichniy” (Eternal God Born Tonight) and “Nebo i Zemlya” (Heaven & Earth).

The first dance was performed by the older boys – “Chloptsi z Kyeva” (Boys from Kyiv) followed by the older girls performing ”Hrebinochka” – a dance from Poltava region of Ukraine.

The musicians then performed a musical item “Chom Ty Ne Pryshov”  (Why have you not come) – a tune played at HMD Theme 2018 – ‘The Power of Words’.

The penultimate item was “Hrechanyky” – a mixed dance performed by the younger members of the group including our 2 youngest members Alysia 6 and Olliy 4 which was received by the audience with enthusiastic clapping.

Just before the interval Iryna explained another Anniversary – 101 Anniversary of the Battle of Kruty (Jan 29 1918)  where members of Hoverla participated in a ‘Kruty-100’ years project during last year’s Ukrainian Youth Association summer camp held at Weston-on-Trent and received special ‘Kruty-100’ badges for successfully completing the project. These were handed out to 5 of our dancers by our local Branch Chair Ivanka Dobrowolska.

An interval of 20 minutes was taken for Refreshments.

The second half commenced with the Hoverla musicians performing a medley of Ukrainian Folk Polkas to liven the audience up ! This was followed by a poem and tune – Dumy Moyi (My Thoughts). The HMD Theme 2019 is ‘Torn form Home’ and the words of Taras Shevchenko reflected this year’s theme. These words were recited by Iryna Dobrowolskyj with background moving music emotionally performed by the Hoverla musicians.

The first dance items of the second half were performed by the older girls – ‘Lastivka’ – a dance depicting the movements of a swallow bird. This was followed by a Boys Cossack dance routine originated from The Steppes of Ukraine which was exciting with fast expansive movements.

The musicians then played and sung ’Tsyhanochka Moya’ – Gipsy My Love. This included an enthusiastic audience participation sing song ! The musicians then played a very lively tune called ‘Oy Da Duna’ which just speeded up and up an up to a high crescendo.

The final dance item of the evening performed by the older members of Hoverla, the most popular and famous mixed folk dance from the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv – The Hopak. This is a dance where each individual dancer performs his/her solo trying to outwit the previous one and culminates in a spectacular finale. After this performance of Hopak the audience gave the dancers a standing ovation.  

Before concluding the evening Graham Falgate thanked Hoverla and members of the Derby Ukrainian community for a fantastic evening of Ukrainian Culture and Traditions ending a great week of 2019 HMD events.

Joe Kupranec

(Leader & Choreographer)


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